84 new meetings for a Biotech Staffing Agency

In a five-month timeframe, our biotech staffing partner successfully conducted 84 new meetings, leading to the vetting of over 50 contractors for biotech vendors.

About Client

Our client, a biotech staffing agency headquartered in Hamburg, Germany since 2020, specializes in sourcing highly specialized biotech professionals.

Company wanted to expand their network of vendors across the healthcare and biotech industry in Europe, while serving as a vital link between talent and opportunity, ensuring the right match for the evolving demands of the biotech sector.

Company size
10-50 employees

Client's Challenges

Navigating a Narrow Niche: The biotech industry's highly specialized nature posed a challenge in finding vendors and candidates with specific data parameters that were required.

Low Lead Activity: Inadequate lead interaction. Prior endeavors haven't yielded optimal results, with our client struggling to secure quality appointments due to a lack of email engagement, where a significant portion of messages remained unopened.

Core Challenge
Specialized niche with low lead engagement


Strategically segmenting leads by specific data points and implementing an account scoring system to prioritize better. In line with the client's preferences, our email team crafted tailored templates that integrated social proof and showcased the company's achievements to directly address prospects' unique needs.

Tailored omnichannel campaigns: We customized email templates based on biotech hiring insights. Each email was personalized, addressing a specific contact as a potential decision maker, and offered industry-specific value propositions for biotech vendors. This approach achieved impressive results with over 70% open rates and a 21% reply rate, which improved previous lead activity.

Outbound Channels
Email, Linkedin



new meetings


employed contractors


increase in positive reply rate


What we've delivered for our clients


in new revenue

with a 30-80% reduction in client acquisition costs.


booked meetings

over 140 companies

partnered with our sales teams to reach new business heights.

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