11000+ Booked Meetings             •            140+ Clients            •            18M+ Generated Revenue            •             Outbound + Inbound Growth         •            30-80% Lower CAC            •            11000+ Booked Meetings             •            140+ Clients            •            18M+ Generated Revenue            •             Outbound+Inbound Growth          •            30-80% Lower CAC            •            
A Partner described us as...

"It's like having an internal sales team on steroids"

11000+ booked meetings

Case studies

First things First - Results.

The age-old question

Why is sales underperforming?

What Kills The Results?


Neglected Deliverability Infrastructure

  • Missed Inbox = Missed Opportunity

Properly Tuned Email Infrastructure is essential for hitting Primary Inbox in 2023.


Generic Messaging

  • No Tailored Value = Lacking Interest

Lacking personalization is the quickest way to land in SPAM and lose prospect's interest.

First impression is made only once.


Single Outbound Channel

  • Single Sales Channel = Lost In The Crowd

Delivering your Unique Message through multiple mediums is of crucial importance for reaching busy prospects.


No SDR Content Engine

  • No Value-Oriented Content = Low Product/Service Awareness

Reality - Interested prospects check Social Profiles of sales representatives.

Lacking a persuasive Content Engine for your front-line representatives results in a failure to enhance awareness and educate your primary prospects.

Ultimately, failing to grasp the crucial value proposition that triggers genuine interest and results in a scheduled meeting.



  • Missed Sales Opportunities

  • Unjustified Overhead

  • Poor Brand Reputation

  • Compromised Vendor-Client Relationship

Content-Boosted Sales Teams

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Increase in number of booked meetings among 11 industries

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ROI through Outbound and Content Engine


Converted "Not Now"s into "We're interested" over a ~7 month period

Sales team as your
Brand Ambassadors

Sales Representatives are front-row extension of your brand.

Their content action together with a perfected outbound motion makes all the difference between full and empty calendar.

Fill Your Calendar

Why Content is King

Prospects check your content!

Delivering effective content, in addition to tuned outreach, raises prospect's awareness and shortens the path to a booked meeting.

Secure the Interest!

SDRs using a content engine experience higher response rates.

Consistently providing valuable content keeps your product/service top-of-mind for prospects.

Well-targeted posts that offer clear value generate interest and, combined with effective relationship nurturing, are crucial for successful future closing.

Lead Magnet

Quality content gets delivered across the network. 

With proper distribution, content delivers new inbound leads, while brining those outbound generated leads one step closer to the closing phase.


More Booked Meetings                                                                 

Increase in Brand Awareness

Reduced Acquisition Costs

Hyper-Outbound Sales Partner as your winning ticket
"How would you summarize your service?"

Hyper-Outbound Partner [hahy-per out-bound]

1. Effective outbound sales partner

Dedicated team of sales specialists delivering predictable pipeline using up to date sales motion (outbound + content) that guarantees increase in booked meetings and a decrease in acquisition cost.
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All-Channel Outbound
Using all relevant channels to reach right prospects at the right time.
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Fully Dedicated
Team of dedicated specialists continuously perfecting every stage of your outbound campaign.
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Creative Content Engine
Tailored Content Engine that significantly increases outbound effectiveness while continuously serving as a lead-magnet.
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Performance-adjusted model
Results - Results - Results!

Results-first approach. We win when you win.

Why choose us?

Delivering advanced sales motion while keeping it fully flexible for our clients.
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Omni-channel Sales Motion
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Awareness-oriented Content Engine
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Flexible Monthly Agreements
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Personalized Campaigns
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Multilingual Sales Teams - market flexibility
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One team - One Client
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Other Agencies
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Using only one sales channel
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Not having a relevant content engine
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Yearly contract obligations
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Cookie-cutter approach
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No multilingual sales teams - market limitations
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Shared experts across multiple clients

All-In-One Plan

Flexible Package that covers all the essentials for Maximum Results

Hyper Growth Plan

Outbound and Inbound Sales Boost with your
own Ultimate Growth Team
No compromises On max results
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Lead Research and Qualification
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Account Scoring
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Multi-channel Outreach
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Creative Content Engine
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Dedicated SDR Specialists
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Dedicated Copywriters
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Multilingual Team
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Performance-adjusted Plan
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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets 3Tangents apart from other agencies?

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Unlike other sales agencies, 3Tangents implements all essential sales strategies of a modern sales cycle into our standard package offer.

In today's world, successful sales cycle is a result of a carefully calibrated outbound campaign with a sales-adjusted content engine.

We don't offer a single channel approach or partial services that bring partial results.

We put to work every relevant tool and strategy out there to give you a completely effective sales motion that aims to fulfil the entire sales potential of your company.

Does your sales team serve multiple clients simultaneously?

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If you are currently outsourcing and dissatisfied with the results, it is possible that your team is being shared with various other companies, including potential competitors.

How crazy is that?

Would you be okay with your employees having overlapping full-time jobs?
We certainly wouldn't.

Instead, we form dedicated teams that are committed to serving a single company, having a single objective in mind- Yours.

How Content-boosted Outbound increases the results?

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Having an outbound sales motion without an effective content engine is like fishing in the Atlantic with a butterfly net.

You might catch something, but will it be worth it?

Our sales team amplifies its outbound outreach with an effective content engine that represents your value in a compelling and creative way on social media (Linkedin).

Relevant content educates the prospect while raising awareness of your product or service, shortening the time to expressed interest that ultimately leads to a booked meeting.

Multi-channel outbound with a killer content engine, when done right, delivers both outbound and inbound generated meetings with qualified leads.

Is there a contractual commitment?

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Best results come after a period of continuous adjustment, we all know that.

But that doesn't mean that we need to tie our clients with yearly contract obligations before they see the results.

We as a company value swiftness and flexibility, and offer the same to our clients.

Monthly agreements give our clients the opportunity to see the quality in our work and stay with us because of our results, while remaining completely flexible.

What ROI can I expect?

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Our services are aimed for maximum ROI and are reserved for those companies where deal size and lifetime value are in tune with the aimed output based on previously collected data.

If we determine a fit with your company, expected CAC reduction is between 30-80%, depending on various factors such as deal size, cycle length, lifetime value etc.

How does your pricing work?

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We aim to deliver a perfectly structured package for your business needs.

While some clients operate better with a flat monthly fee, others have a preference for a performance-adjusted model.

Having ROI as a single objective, we aim to determine what best fits your goals.

Old methods don't bring new sales opps

Prioritize ROI with the best outbound has to offer.
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