238 booked meetings for Remote Health Platform

Over seven months, a steady rise in appointments led to 18 successful enterprise deals and an impressive 80% reduction in acquisition costs.

About Client

Founded in 2013 as a UK-based division of a larger organization, this remote health company operates from major cities nationwide. They are prominent players in telemedicine solutions, wearable health tech, data analytics and related sectors.

Specializing in remote healthcare technology, their primary focus is on developing telehealth service components.

Collaborating with 3Tangents, their aim was to present company's new service offer to a diverse audience including healthcare providers, medical device makers, pharmaceutical companies and those in remote patient monitoring and data management.

Company size
500+ employees

Client's Challenges

The client faced a significant challenge in identifying and engaging with potential partners and clients effectively. Their in-house sales team had limited bandwidth and struggled to generate a sufficient number of meetings with key stakeholders. The cost of acquisition per meeting was high, and the client needed a cost-effective solution to expand in the DACH market. Company's ideal client profile consisted of very specific buying signals which made scaling the campaign inefficient for them.

Core Challenge
Data mining with complex buying signals


Recognizing the importance of specific buying signals, our researchers conducted data collection from more than 23 diverse data sources. This comprehensive data mining allowed for a deeper understanding of potential leads, enabling highly targeted and personalized outreach efforts over multiple channels.

Together with precisely targeted outreach, we've set up a content engine for all SDRs involved in the campaign, which showed a significant boost in expressed interest, once implemented.

Outbound Channels
Email, Phone, Linkedin


238 Meetings in 7 Months: Through their focused efforts, the client secured 238 meetings with healthcare industry stakeholders, marking a significant achievement.

80% Cost Reduction: The client also achieved an impressive 80% reduction in acquisition costs per meeting, resulting in substantial savings.

18 Signed Enterprise Deals: Our successful outreach efforts resulted in a 13% closing rate in the enterprise healthcare sector.

What we've delivered for our clients


in new revenue

with a 30-80% reduction in client acquisition costs.


booked meetings

over 140 companies

partnered with our sales teams to reach new business heights.

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