14 new deals for a Payments Provider

In Q2, there was a significant increase in closed deals, as our payments provider partner secured 36 meetings within second quarter, ultimately resulting in 14 new yearly contracts.

About Client

Our partner is a rising star in the payments technology arena. They've built a secure cloud-based payment platform that simplifies transactions and transforms the way we handle finances.

Company's platform unifies various financial tools, offering a comprehensive solution for individuals, businesses, and financial institutions.

Their unique approach goes beyond mere payment processing. It empowers users to make smarter financial decisions and explore new horizons in digital finance.

Company size
50-100 employees

Client's Challenges

U.S. Market Expansion: Our client had a well-established strategy for the EU market, but breaking into the U.S. presented unique challenges. They needed expertise to develop a scalable lead generation strategy for this new territory.

Email Deliverability Issues: The client encountered email deliverability challenges, with their messages often going unnoticed because of poor email infrastructure setup.

Core Challenge
Scalable expansion to the US market


Targeting: 3Tangents was focused on pinpointing the right audience for a company. Large corporations weren't the best fit due to their existing merchant providers. We've explored various industries, adding over 12000 prospects to our sales pipeline. We've also tested different approaches, titles, and buyer personas to determine the most effective strategies.

Email Infrastructure: For our client we've set and warmed up proper email infrastructure that helped us scale our outreach, while landing in prospects' inbox 99% of the time.

Outbound Channels
Email, Linkedin



Return on Investment


booked meetings


closed yearly contracts


What we've delivered for our clients


in new revenue

with a 30-80% reduction in client acquisition costs.


booked meetings

over 140 companies

partnered with our sales teams to reach new business heights.

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